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Alright, we confess: we caved!

We bought (and even drank) a Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappuccino. It was… interesting.

If you’re thinking about trying one for yourself, you should read this intrepid food reporter’s first-hand account first. We’ll go ahead and tell you now -the sugar-adverse need not apply...

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Stormy weather

Hurricane Season Starts Early This Year

Hurricane Season doesn’t officially kick off until June 1st , but it looks like Mother Nature is going ahead and getting the party started a little early.

The first named storm of the season, Arlene, formed out in the middle of the Atlantic yesterday afternoon, and scientists expect it will slowly churn there for a while before fizzling out. Not exactly the most exciting way to kick off the season, but hey, there’s still plenty of time for things to get interesting...


‘Crossover’ Deadline Sends Legislators Scrambling

The General Assembly has been working overtime to move legislation recently due to an approaching legislative deadline known as “crossover.” WRAL’s Laura Leslie explains here why lawmakers are in such a tizzy: 

“Crossover is a deadline set every session by which most legislation must pass either the House or the Senate and "cross over" to the other chamber in order to remain in consideration for the rest of the two-year session. This year, the deadline is April 27.”

Hm. The more you know...


Khizr Khan Visits Duke University

Outspoken Donald Trump critic Khizr Khan was at Duke University yesterday, where he vowed to keep speaking out against what he considers un-democratic policies coming out of the White House.

"We need to reconcile. We need to come together,” he said. “That is the role of the leader that is lacking, that is missing... It’s the ignorance that divides us.”

Khan, whose son died serving in the Army in Iraq, rose to prominence during the 2016 campaign as a powerful surrogate for Hillary Clinton. 

This makes no cents

$100K Lotto Ticket Still Unclaimed

Which one of you crazy people just passed up $100,000??? Holly Springs -we’re looking in your direction...

Apparently, someone in or around your area bought a winning lottery ticket at the Duncan Junction Depot on Highway 42 back in October, but never came back to claim the prize. And now it’s too late! The deadline to claim the money was 5:00 PM on April 20th. Oh well -more money, more problems... right?


Best Tweet We Could Find in Under Five Minutes

A 'Fast and Furious' Quandry

You know, David Chen, we never really thought about it that way...


Out and About

Weekend Best Bet: Brewgaloo 2017

Brewgaloo is an annual festival dedicated to “celebrating the love of craft beer, live music, and localism.” If those sound like things you can get behind, then mosey on down to Raleigh’s City Plaza this weekend, and fill ‘er up!

You may want to get there on the earlier side however -organizers are expected upwards of 20,000 people!

Say that three times fast

Throw Down at Cary's Downtown Chowdown

Used to be, “Downtown Cary” was more of an aspiration than an actual place. By, my, how things have changed.

These days, Downtown Cary is bustling, and no more so than during a Downtown Chowdown food truck rally. The next Chowdown starts at 12:30 PM this Sunday and will feature more than 25 food trucks for your perusal, plus music and libations.

Oh, and admission is free. So, see you there?


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