Alamo Drafthouse Cinema to feature many perks


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Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is opening its first Triangle location on April 26, and we couldn’t be more excited. The theater has two strict rules that they follow, including no texting and no commercials. Food selections feature everything from avocado toast to fried pickles to salads, as well as homemade milkshakes with the option to have them spiked. While this all sounds fine and dandy, what we’re really excited about is the fact that the newest Raleigh location is going to feature a lobby with more than 75,000 titles of DVD’s, Blu-ray, and VHS tapes that are available for rental. Forget having to pay, though. Alamo will let you rent up to two free video rentals per day. And suddenly, we feel like Blockbuster has returned from the grave. Do you think they still sell VHS players on Amazon?