AT&T beats out Verizon for video streaming


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Move over Verizon. There’s a new man in town. Ok fine, it’s not a man, but it is AT&T who’s making headlines for having the best streaming service available to mobile devices and consumers. In 2018, streaming services are expected to dominate the market, which is a good thing for the mobile carrier. AT&T finished first in three out of four categories that included load time, video quality, amount of video freezing, and reliability of the video stream. The study came as a result of the fact that US adults watch 72 minutes of digital video a day, with 44 of those minutes coming from a smartphone. Another interesting fact? Roughly 15 percent of Americans now watch television solely from their mobile phones. We can’t WAIT for Verizon to come out with a commercial detailing why they are the best mobile network as a result.