Florence Could Flood Hog Manure Pits and Ash Dumps

Around NC, Say What?

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With enough to worry about before Florence dumps on us, the last thing on our minds is having waste from hog manure pits and coal ash dumps wash into our homes and water. Gross, right? Well the heavy rains expected to come today could cause a big environmental disaster. In case you didn’t know, there is a ton of fertile and low-lying land in the eastern part of the state. When Hurricane Floyd came to town in 1999, bloated carcasses of hogs, chickens and other drowned livestock floated around water contaminated by pesticides, feces, fertilizer and gas. At least it seems like farmers learned their lesson from that disgusting disaster, moving hogs to higher ground and pumping down lagoon levels to absorb more rain. The coal ash pits will also be closely monitored to avoid mercury, arsenic and lead getting into our water. 


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