Lidl is the new store in town

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German grocery store Lidl made its way to the Triangle in the last year, and consumers are happy about it. The grocery store offers staple items at discounted prices. Instead of just peoples’ wallets, the store is winning over hearts, too. According to a recent study, 40 percent of people who used to identify as a loyal customer at one store are now shopping at Lidl. Low prices in combination with high-quality products can be attributed as reasons why customers keep coming back. Lidl’s products are 90 percent private brands, which means that customers prefer these brands over tried and true brand names. And no, we’re not talking about Mr. Pibb over here. Labeled as the “Lidl Effect” other grocery stores are having to lower their prices if they are in the vicinity of a Lidl store nearby. Move over, Harris Teeter. There’s a new dragon in town.