Local Hospitals Taking Measures to Stop Baby Switching

Around NC

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Most new parents worry about sleeping and dirty diapers. But some have to anguish over taking the right baby home from the hospital. Yes, this switch-a-roo still happens, athough it seems impossible these days with all the fancy technology and security available. Hospitals around the Triangle are stepping up their game by making it harder for babies to get put in the wrong mom’s arms. One of the best ways to prevent this is for the baby, mom and another family member to have matching bracelets with ID on it. Newborns now stay with mom in her room most of the time, instead of those old school nurseries where dads used to see their babies for the first time. If the baby is taken out of the room, when brought back their ID bracelets are heavily inspected by the doctor or nurse to make sure it’s the right one. Simple, but very necessary measures.