Local man helps to design Olympic bobsleds

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Imagine getting to say that you built the bobsleds that Team USA is using in this year’s Olympic Games. Pretty cool, huh? We’re proud to claim Hans DeBot, who graduated from North Carolina State University and is now the owner of his company, DeBotech. The company now designs all the carbon fiber composites that make Team USA’s bobsleds speed down the hill as fast as they do. Having built his first bobsled in 2002, DeBot said that he downloaded his first specs off the Internet and said that it took off from there. The key to the bobsled? To make sure that everything is vacuum-sealed for the fastest delivery. With that being said, DeBot is moving onto more complicated ventures. He’s currently working on designing prosthetic legs for dogs, and if that isn’t the coolest thing you’ve ever heard of then we don’t know what is.