Man pretends to be in the army and lands helicopter at SAS

Say What?

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What’s the worst Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever received? For a Raleigh man, we’re going to go with prison time. Christian Desgroux pretended to be an army general in order to impress a woman when he landed his helicopter at the SAS headquarters in Cary on Monday. Arriving in a full military battle dress uniform, the man flew a woman around Raleigh for 30 minutes before landing back on the work’s campus. As soon as he did, SAS notified the police. Desgroux admitted that he’d never been in the military, and said that he only wanted to impress the married woman who has been a long-time acquaintance. Anddd here’s when you should go ahead and be thankful that your Valentine’s Day consists of the usual giant teddy bear and heart-shaped chocolates instead of a weird man flying you around in an army suit.