Marriage Waiver Granted for Fort Bragg Chaplain, Hubby

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Tim Brown got his husband back yesterday after he was detained for five days. Sergio Avila-Rodriguez was granted a marriage waiver after a nightmare experience in the Stewart Detention Center in Georgia. Sergio was brought to the Unites States from Honduras when he was only 7 years old by his uncle. He missed a court date 16 years ago and then got a DWI in 2015 so he was considered a criminal alien which lead to his detainment. Ever since Sergio was detained by dreaded ICE agents, his chaplain hubby has been very vocal about getting him out and back home. Because he is gay, Sergio fears for his life if he were forced to return to Honduras, and the U.S. is the only country he remembers and calls home. The couple was reunited yesterday at RDU.