NC loves Hallmark movies

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Stop trying to deny that you hate The Hallmark Channel, and just go ahead and admit that you’ve got a problem. It’s ok, the rest of North Carolina loves it too. According to Google, NC’s favorite Hallmark movie is “Love On Ice”, which is set to rebroadcast for Feb. 18 if you’re wondering what all the hype is about. During November and December of 2016, The Hallmark Channel witnessed some 85 million viewers, putting the network right up to par with ESPN and Fox News in terms of viewership. Overall, the most popular Hallmark movie was “Murder, She Baked: Just Desserts”, which sounds like the name of a book that we would have read in fifth grade. Regardless, we’ve got a feeling that the channel will continue to produce cheesy movies that you can’t say no to. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯