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Ah, Schoolhouse Rock! — the only reason we can all still remember the preamble to the Constitution or what a conjunction is. We’re sad to say that Bob Dorough, a jazz musician best known for his contributions to the educational programming, passed away earlier this week at the age of 94. Dorough was musical director of Schoolhouse Rock! from 1973 until 1985, but fortunately for all kids in America, it was revived in the mid 1990s. Rest easy, jazz man, and keep doing those multiplication tables in the sky.

  1. Hey, all you people glued to your smartphones: here are some tips and tricks that will make you even more obsessed with your device.

  2. A group of semi trucks joined together to help a distressed man in Detroit, and the photo has gone internet viral.

  3. Meet Joe the Squash: the North Carolina Central softball team’s unofficial mascot.

  4. Heirs of Prince have decided to sue Walgreens and a hospital in Illinois for not providing proper care to the musician prior to his 2016 death.

       5. Step aside, Harris Teeter — Northern grocery store chain Wegmans is officially coming to the Triangle.


You can be a regular pupcasso

Paint your pup at Durham's Barley Labs

Most of us enjoy getting a little artsy in our spare time, even if our skills haven’t improved much from the kindergarten refrigerator masterpiece days. The only thing we may love even more? Our dogs. Tonight, head to pup-friendly Durham bar Barley Labs, where $45 will get you a drink and a chance to paint your own pup’s portrait on a canvas to take home with you. The best part of it all is Fido is welcome to tag along. How else will you get the inspiration to create the next Mona Lisa?

Who needs birthday cake when you can have beer?

Brewery Bhavana to celebrate its first birthday

Brewery Bhavana is a unique little Raleigh spot that brings us one of the world’s best combos — dim sum and beer — and it was just a few months ago that the restaurant made global news, being named by Forbes Magazine as one of the coolest restaurants in the world. Tonight, it’s time to celebrate Brewery Bhavana once again, as the now-famous venue is turning one year old! There are kegs to be tapped and there is fun to be had, so don’t miss this party. Here’s to another year of putting Raleigh on the map, one magnificent dish at a time.



Say it isn't so

Gas prices soar in the Triangle, around the nation

Gas prices around the nation are rising, and that includes right here in the Triangle, unfortunately, where the going rate was $2.68 and $2.67 per gallon or regular gas in Raleigh and Durham, respectively. According to AAA, gas prices are about 20 cents higher in the areas than they were a month ago, so the gas folks are coming for our money, and they’re coming for it fast. Why is this happening all of a sudden? The cost of crude oil hit a recent spike, meaning the trickle down effects all of us, and our tightly clutched wallets. We should, however, consider ourselves lucky, as prices per gallon have reached a whopping $4.00 in California. So next time you find yourselves California dreamin,’ perhaps it’s time to wake up.

They make the world a better place

N.C. legislators discuss adding social workers, nurses to schools

In light of all the school violence that has been rampant in the United States, North Carolina legislators and governor Roy Cooper are supporting efforts that would provide additional funding to bring more nurses, social workers and mental health professionals to public schools in our state. Time will tell if any formal legislation will come from this, but considering how much disagreement there generally is in the North Carolina legislature, we’re certainly not complaining about these potential signs of cooperation. In fact, our lawmakers are making national news for their new school safety panel, something they’ve adopted since the school shooting in Parkland, Fla. We don’t often get to say this, but way to keep your promises, politicians! We can all agree that feeling safer feels good.



Thanks for the clarification

Facebook spells out exactly what you can't do on its site

We’re all pretty familiar with that little ‘report’ button on Facebook; if you see something inappropriate for the interwebs (and no, we’re not just talking about your average Facebook oversharer), selecting that option might just send it to one of thousands of moderators who review that sort of stuff. But what exactly are they looking for? On Tuesday, the world’s favorite social media site spelled it out, sparing little detail. Thanks to 27 pages of guidelines, we now know that things like buying and selling marijuana, photos of breasts not in paintings or breastfeeding and people who have committed multiple homicides (one is okay, apparently) are not allowed on Facebook. So next time you wish you could just get paid to sit on Facebook, think again: the people who actually do don’t have it so easy.

He is a boss, after all

Rapper Meek Mill to be released from prison

On Tuesday, a Philadelphia judge allowed famous rapper Meek Mill to be released on bail while he works to appeal charges related to the probation violation that led to his 2-4 year prison sentence last November. Meek Mill, who was born Robert Williams, came onto the scene in 2012 with his successful debut album Dreams and Nightmares, but for the Philly-born rapper, the last several months have been the latter, as he’s been serving time for probation violation related to an old drug and weapon case from 2009. Since he entered prison, though, celebrities came out of the woodwork in support of Mill, including comedian Kevin Hart and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Guess it really does help to know people in high places.


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