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Our hometown hero, Sir Walter Raleigh, stands guard outside the Raleigh Convention Center every single day … or at least his statue does. And even though it might be a boring job for him, he, too, gets to dress up for occasions in the city. This week, he was transformed into a water droplet to commemorate the annual water conference taking place at the convention center, complete with a goatee and eyeballs. Hey, Walter — Halloween has come and gone, but we appreciate the city spirit.


There's no business like show business

Check out the 12th annual Carrboro Film Festival

Going to the movies is one of our favorite weekend activities, but on Saturday and Sunday, you won’t have to pick just one! That’s right, it’s time again for the annual Carrboro Film Festival, which will take place at the ArtsCenter on Main Street. There will be 44 films shown from a variety of genres, and afterwards, there will be question and answer sessions with filmmakers and a pizza party. Tickets are only $20 for both days, which is a steal considering you have to cash in your retirement plan to go to the regular movies these days.

It's (almost) the most wonderful time of the year

Revel in holiday cheer throughout the Triangle

Yes, we’re aware it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. But when it’s the most wonderful time of the year, why not start it a little early? There are a variety of holiday festivities going on this weekend in the Triangle area, including the North Hills tree lighting, the Raleigh Christmas Parade, and Park West Village’s Winter Wonderland. Just don’t go and get all Christmas’ed out, because we still have over a month to go. We sure do hope Santa Claus is getting overtime this year.



Maybe we should have gone into graphic design

Raleigh, Charlotte shell out big bucks for logos

This month, Raleigh and Charlotte released new city logos, and they are pretty! It also cost them a pretty penny. Raleigh spent more than $200,000 on its logo, while Charlotte got its for a steal at just $25,000. Both designs incorporated nicknames for the respective cities, with Raleigh’s having a nod to a tree — we really are the City of Oaks! — and Charlotte’s displaying a crown, because, you know, it must really be the Queen City. Apparently, Raleigh’s was so expensive because it used a consulting firm to gather “resident and employee perceptions of Raleigh government,” which came at a cost of $83,000. Now we’re all wondering what “gathering perceptions” entails, because we might want to quit our day jobs.

It's about darn time

N.C. revokes permit for polluting factory

For quite some time, there’s been a chemical known as GenX — which is used to make Teflon and things like fast food wrappers — in the Cape Fear River, a fact that, considering many people in Fayetteville and Wilmington get their drinking water from this body of water, remains a bit unsettling. So far, there’s no evidence it’s harmful to humans, but scientists have dubbed it a “potential hazard,” which is enough to make us want to reach for the Dasani. Despite the controversy, Chemours, the company in question, was still allowed to dump their wastewater into the river. But finally, the state took harsh action Thursday, revoking their permit and pleasing environmental groups — and probably fish — everywhere.



But elephants are so cute!

Trump administration lifts trophy hunting ban

The Trump administration has reversed an Obama-era ban on importing trophies of elephants killed in Zambia and Zimbabwe, and people all over the animal kingdom and beyond are losing their minds. Apparently, some hunting of the animals is allowed, but only if it benefits conservation, which sort of seems like an oxymoron to us. While Obama was in office, elephant trophies were allowed in some countries, but not Zimbabwe or Zambia because the respective governments couldn’t prove that conservation attempts were successful. Some are already pointing out the Trump brothers’ past Zimbabwe hunting trip, though we can’t be sure that the first kids’ hobby had anything to do with the reversal. Still, shouldn’t Trump be a little more protective of elephants? They are his party’s mascot, after all.

Another day, another creepy man story

Woman accuses Senator Al Franken of groping her

For the past several days, the Roy Moore controversy has been the main topic of political conversation — even on Twitter, where the director of Bring it On (yes, that old cheerleader movie) even got involved in the conversation. Thursday, though, the chat shifted to Democratic Minnesota Senator Al Franken, who was accused of forcibly kissing and groping a Los Angeles radio anchor in 2016. Like Louis C.K. before him, Franken released an apology later in the day, in which he did not deny her claims. Now we want to ask: When. Will. This. Stop? The accusations have been coming from Hollywood, politics, and who knows where else these days. But hopefully, the stories will make harassers think twice about their future actions. No one wants to be that guy (or girl).


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