North Carolina man has record waterfall climb

Around NC, Say What?

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The temperatures across our state have been out of control lately, and that’s led to other crazy things, like creepy alligator survival and, now, frozen waterfalls. Linville Falls in the Blue Ridge Mountains froze last week, and Anthony D’Ercole, who works as a climbing instructor in Brevard, took full advantage. Without an anchor at the top, D’Ercole climbed the 160-foot frozen fall on lead, using just his own strength, arms and legs to get to the top. The climb, which D’Ercole told the Asheville Citizen-Times took two hours, could have set a record for first ascent on the falls. And he’s not the only one adventurous enough to make a sport out of ice climbing. The record-setting lows have allowed for this unusual phenomenon, but park officials are warning people against it as the temperatures will be the thing climbing soon. Don’t try this at home, kids. Climbing water doesn’t quite have the same effect.