North Carolina now has a budget


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As of July 1, our state will officially have a $23.9 billion dollar budget that will take effect after a House override of Governor Cooper’s original veto. Just last week, the governor proposed a  $24.5 billion budget as an alternative with spending focused more on schools, water quality, health care, among more. In response, Rep. Nelson Dollar compared it to a Geico ad, saying that people who buy into the company end up getting screwed in the long run, even though it costs less upfront. So now we’re using a lizard to take stabs at other parties, eh? Cooper’s spokesman Ford Porter gave his comments saying, "The broken Republican legislature has protected special interests and income tax breaks for corporations and families making over $200,000 a year instead of investing in education and the middle class. Legislative leaders rammed this budget through with no public input or the opportunity for amendment, and North Carolina families should hold their representatives accountable.”