Panthers Sold for a Record Amount

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The Charlotte Panthers now have a new owner and it only cost him $2.2 billion dollars. Remember how the old owner was accused of some really shady sexual harassment behavior? Well now Jerry Richardson will have to hand over his reigns to David Tepper who is currently a minority owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers and rich AF. Even though this sale marks the highest an NFL franchise has ever sold for since 2014 when the Bills were bought for $1.4 billion, Richardson is likely a little bummed out. And not just because Steph Curry and Diddy aren’t making the purchase. He initially wanted to sell his team for $3 billion but had to get real when no one was interested. Tepper still has to get approved by 24 of the league’s 32 owners before it becomes a done deal, but considering the dude’s reputation and bank account, things will most likely go through without any issues.