Pay your tolls on time

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We all know the feeling of getting the dreaded toll bill in the mail. This is part of the reason why we never head out to Apex. No offense to all y’all out there. Anyway, you failing to pay your toll fees is generating a lot of money for the North Carolina Turnpike Authority. According to reports from DOT officials, charging late-paying customers a $6 processing fee brought in more than $5.2 million in 2017, or 12 percent of all revenue generated from the tolls in 2017. When asked about it, the Director of Toll Operations said, “We would really love it if all of our customers would get a NC Quick Pass transponder. It allows for them to get a 35 percent discount on tolls, and now those transponders are free." There you have it folks. Either stay away from NC-540, or get a QuickPass.