Raleigh Woman Remembers Honduras Ordeal

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In what is sure to be a future episode of Locked Up Abroad, Amanda LaRoque recounted her terrifying ordeal of being locked up in a cage last year. LaRoque was channeling the international house hunter, checking out places in Roatan with a friend. On her way back home, custom agents became suspicious of a “can safe” which looks like an Arizona Iced Tea can that tourists use to hide money and jewelry while they sun themselves on the beach. The can was empty, but the authorities thought they found cocaine after cutting through the lining. Despite the fact that her can tested for negative for narcotics, LaRoque was locked up for 11 days in a jail literally called “the cage”. She survived by the help of some kind locals and heavily attributes her release to the attention her case got in the media. LaRoque still keeps in touch with her Honduran homies, but has no travel plans in the near future.