Stormy Daniels scandal isn't going away for Trump


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It’s 2018. Your president is caught up in a scandal with a porn star. His Secretary of Education has no idea what she’s doing. He’s going to make you pay more for beer. Oh wait, that time is now. Amongst a slew of political matters, Trump has personal issues he’s dealing with as well. Adult film actress Stormy Daniels is offering to pay back $130,000 that she was paid to keep quiet about her affair with the president in order to be able to speak freely about that incident that apparently happened more than 10 years ago. The White House press secretary said last week that "arbitration was won in the President's favor" regarding the case. What does that mean? It’s an admission that there is in fact a nondisclosure agreement and that it directly involves Trump. No other words have been said on the matter regarding her offer to pay back the money, but we expect this one to be an uphill battle.