Texas teen goes viral for helping elderly man


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You know the world is in a messed up state when the act of someone cutting up another’s food goes viral. A Texas Waffle House waitress recently went viral after she was photographed cutting up an elderly man’s food for him. According to reports, the man told 18-year-old Evoni Williams that his hands didn’t work well, and without hesitation, Williams took his plate and cut up his food for him. As a result, she’s taken the Internet by storm. Texas Southern University heard the story and offered Williams a $16,000 scholarship as a result. When asked about the act by a local television station, Williams said “I was never raised to bash people . . . and was raised to try and help, and try and give.” Just your daily reminder that it isn’t hard to make someone’s day, even if it doesn't mean that you’ll get famous for it. Let’s be good people, y’all.