The NC State Fair begins tomorrow


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With the fair beginning tomorrow, we figured we should give you a little preview of what’s new. First and also most importantly, alcohol is now being served for the first time. There’s so many jokes we could make about this, but they write themselves so we will refrain.

As far as new food goes? A plethora of fried foods including Deep Fried Pumpkin Pie, Deep Fried Chocolate Pie, the Chick-n-Que (spicy buffalo chicken sandwiched between two crispy waffles with coleslaw and blue cheese crumbles), Bacon Mac and Cheese, a Thanksgiving Egg Roll (exactly what it sounds like), and more.

A spray paint artist will be painting a new mural each day, as well as an Ostrich Rider that can be found near Gate 11.

Preview Day kicks off tomorrow with $1.50 admission starting at 3pm, so we’ll go ahead and send up our prayers for yall’s stomachs.