Trump picks appeals court judge Kavanaugh for SCOTUS vacancy


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The big news of last week was the announced retirement of longtime Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy, mostly because — to many anti-Trumpers’ chagrin — POTUS will now get to put forth yet another Supreme Court justice nominee, perhaps changing drastically the ideology of the highest court in the land. On Monday, Trump did just that, tapping Brett Kavanaugh for the position. Kavanaugh is currently a federal appeals court judge and a staunch conservative, which could set up a potentially ugly confirmation battle. What’s more, Kavanaugh is 53 years old, meaning he could potentially serve on the bench for years and years to come. It looks like the score is Republicans 1, Democrats 0 after this move, but we all know the Dems won’t go down without a fight. Grab the popcorn, y’all; we could be in for a long saga.