Trump thinks he can take Oprah down

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People are still buzzing about Oprah for Prez, and Tuesday, that included our current Prez, the one and only Donald Trump. Not surprisingly, Trump was quick to point out that he thinks he could take her down, because of course. When asked about the speculation that the famous media mogul would run for president in 2020, Trump said, “I’ll beat Oprah,” adding that he knows her “very well.” Time will tell whether Winfrey will actually go through with it. Last Spring, the former talk show host hinted that she might be changing her mind about the idea, and last Sunday at the Golden Globes, she delivered a powerful speech that even the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, couldn’t help but publicly praise. A presidential race between two television stars may not be something we ever expected, but hey, at least they’d still be fulfilling their roles as entertainers. You can bet that somewhere, George Washington is rolling over in his grave.