Tsunami Survivor Thanks Meredith College Employee

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Cue the “awwws” right now. A young Sri Lankan who happens to be a survivor of the 2004 tsunami that killed 230,00 came to Raleigh over the weekend to express his appreciation. Eroshan Weerathunga was 18 when the tsunami hit his community in Sri Lanka and killed his father, grandparents and other relatives. He found himself homeless with his mom and brother and they were forced to live in a camp with other victims of the storm. Months later, the now-retired director of the International Programs at Meredith College, Dr. Betty Webb, met Eroshan when she was visiting Sri Lanka. Eroshan was sent $30 a month from an anonymous donor at Meredith so that he could go to college after getting a scholarship to a university in Ontario where he got a master’s in electrical engineering. Eroshan now works for General Electric in Toronto and he wanted to come back to Raleigh to thank Dr. Webb and the anonymous donor for all they did to make his life better.