Wake County commissioners say no to dog poop ordinance

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On Monday, the Wake County Board of Commissioners voted no on an ordinance that would have required pet owners to pick up their animals’ poop, saying that the law would be just too hard to enforce. Many area cities and towns — including Raleigh, Holly Springs and Cary — already have what’s known as a “pooper-scooper” ordinance, which allows residents to be given citations if they’re caught letting the No. 2s slide, but no one has ever had to go to court over such a violation, because proving it is an uphill battle. The proposed ordinance was suggested by a disgruntled Wake County resident, and we gotta say, we like where his head’s at. But we also like the whole “innocent until proven guilty concept,” so we get the county’s side, too. After all, promoting justice is their No. 1 doo-ty.