Wake Forest woman gets her own Hallmark Christmas movie

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Admit it. You’ve already watched at least one Hallmark movie this holiday season. Or maybe, secretly, it’s your favorite post-work activity even though you’d never admit it. Wake Forest author Stacey Cotrufo who writes under the pen name Samantha Chase is finally seeing one of her books turned into a movie. On Saturday, her 2012 book “The Christmas Cottage” will be featured as a Hallmark movie on the network’s channel. In case you weren’t aware, Hallmark movies are where the jackpot is at when looking at ratings. Because who can say no to a child who wants his mom to fall in love, a cookie baking party, a love story, and most importantly – a happy ending? Cotrufo’s story is no different, except that the network apparently threw in a love-Triangle situation to add in some DrAmaAaA. Sounds like a great alternative to the bar if you ask for our opinion, considering that there’s a drinking game to go along with it.