What Exactly is the NC Average Teacher Salary?

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Nobody likes to talk about money, especially how much they make. But since teachers and their salaries have been in the spotlight recently, people are confused about what is true and what isn’t. In March, the state education department reported that teachers in North Carolina make an average of $51,214 per year which was pretty surprising to most. After this was released by WRAL, a flood of responses came in disputing the number. North Carolina is currently ranked 37th in the nation in pay for teachers so many educators are calling this fake news. One teacher had a very strong argument against the report, a picture of his actual paycheck which shows that the English teacher makes roughly $53 per day in one of the most important jobs in the world. Who can argue that adults who are responsible for educating our youth don’t deserve to be justly compensated? It’s most likely that the truth and maybe a solution will come to light tomorrow when teachers will be marching at the capitol.